National Religious Awards

Books for Scouts, parents, and qualified emblem counselors can be purchased online or by contacting Emily Elliot in Family Life & Ecclesial Movements of the Boston Archdiocese.  The awards are available only through contacting Emily by email or calling 617-746-5756.  Please allow three weeks to receive your awards from the time you submit your book and request for emblems.


Boy Scouts


Light of Christ 6-7 years old Cub Scouts

Parvuli Dei 8-10 years old Cub Scouts.

Ad Altare DeiDesigned for any youth of the Roman Catholic Faith who is registered in a BSA Troop or Crew..

Pope Pius XIIDesigned for Venturing Crew Members and Boy Scouts 15 years old and older.

Light is Life12 -13 years old of the Eastern-rite Catholic Churches. Scouts in the Eastern Catholic Churches work on Light is Life rather than the Ad Altare Dei emblem.

Girl Scouts


God is Love: The God Is Love program is designed for use with students who are in kindergarten through first grade. The program helps students discover an appreciation that God created, cares for, and loves us all.  

Family of God: Family of God is designed for youth in grades 2-3 who are enrolled in the Girl Scouts, Camp Fire, and other Catholic youth organizations. The program helps girls discover the presence of God in their daily lives as members of their family and parish. A leader’s guide is included.

I Live My Faith:  I Live My Faith is designed for youth in grades 4-5. The program is designed around the themes of belief, sacraments, Catholic Christian living, and prayer. As the girls work through the program, they will reflect on what we believe as Catholics, how we celebrate those beliefs through sacraments, and how prayer fits into our lives. A leader’s guide is included.

Mary the First Disciple: Mary, the First Disciple is designed for youth in grades 6-8. The program helps them learn more about Mary, and more about themselves. Girls will meet Mary in Scripture as a young teenager, follow her journeys, and watch her grow into the woman known as the Mother of God. Through interviews, role-plays, service projects, reflection questions, and prayer the program will help girls also learn more about themselves.

The Spirit Alive: The Spirit Alive is intended for youth in grades 9-10. The program assists them in discovering how the Holy Spirit moves in their lives, calling them to greater participation in the Church’s ministry.

Missio: The program invites young people in grades 11-12 to explore discipleship and their own religious identity. Missio was jointly created by the Pontifical Mission Societies in the United States and the NFCYM.

Pillars of Faith

         Pillars of Faith Award

         Pillars of Faith Award

The purpose of the Pillars of Faith program is to provide a special recognition to those youth in Scouting who have earned all four of the traditional Catholic Religious Awards. Very few Scouts earn the top award of their program (less than 4% of Boy Scouts) and even fewer earn a Religious Award from their faith. So to earn all four Religious Awards is a monumental feat and demonstrates tremendous commitment to their Catholic Faith. The Pillars of Faith Program ("Service to God" for girls and "Duty to God" for boys) recognizes these Scouts.

The name and design of the award represent the fact that the four traditional Religious Awards for each program are like pillars, supporting the Scouts' development in and appreciation of their religious faith. The Religious Awards are the pillars, not the roof, for none are ever done growing in their faith. The design also includes the Church, the Bible, the Cross, other essential elements in faith.


  • Boys must have completed Light of Christ, Parvuli Dei, Ad Altare Dei and Pope Pius XII and be a member of any organization that uses these emblems.
  • Girls must have completed Family of God, I Live My Faith, Marian Medal, Spirit Alive and Missio and be a member of any organization that uses these awards.

Presentation of the Pillars of Faith Award and Pin

This award should be presented as the highest religious recognition that Scouts can achieve while they are on the Scouting Trail. The Pillars of Faith pin should be presented in a formal Awards Mass or appropriate formal ceremony (preferably by the Bishop, Priest or Pastor). The key is to make the presentation very special, so the youth understands the magnitude of their accomplishment. Also the recognition should be presented in a timely manner so the youth are recognized shortly after their fourth Religious Award. 


Adult Awards

st george.jpg

Don't forget to recognize the adults for their outstanding contributions to the development of your Catholic Youth Ministry. There are several recognitions available. In addition, there are a couple of funds available that directly assist the clergy and international scouting. The Adult Leaders are entitled to wear the BSA Adult Religious Knot if they receive the St. George recognition.

  • Bronze Pelican - used to recognize individuals in your local dioceses for their significant contributions.
  • Brother Barnabas - national recognition to recognize for long and meritorious service.
  • Golden AAD - a fund used to directly support the ministry of our priest chaplains who serve on the Executive Board. Significant contributions of $2,500 or more are recognized by a special medal.
  • Miter Society- is a recognition given to any adult who financially supports, in a significant way, the promotion of the Saint George.
  • Brendan the Navigator- The St. Brendan Award -used to recognize Diocesan Committee Development participants who return to their dioceses and complete a mission project benefiting Catholic youth of their community.
  • Jerusalem Cross - used to recognize Scouting in the Catholic Church participants who return to their dioceses and complete a mission project benefiting Catholic youth of their community.
  • Silver St. George - national recognition for the hard work and diligent hours supporting the Catholic Youth Ministry at the national level.
  • Spes Mundi - a fund used to directly support the International Catholic Conference of Scouting. This edition has been sold out and is not available anymore.
  • St. George - used to recognize individuals in your local dioceses for their significant contributions and many years of support for the Catholic Youth Ministry at the local level.